Mr. King:

Iíve sent a copy of the letter Iíve written Dean Berkowitz at CNM. I waited twenty-four hours for a response and there wasnít any. I checked my email this morning. I believe that the Dean is either hoping that the problem will just go away or he is afraid of incriminating himself because after he hears what I have to say and he doesnít do anything about the situation this would also clearly make him privy to the criminal behavior here.

What Iím getting at is that John Hide was a good student at CNM he led a quiet life and had little contact with the police prior to the double homicides. I donít know John Hide and I never came in contact with the man, but I know of the goings on at the CNM open computer lab. For more information on John Hide go to If John Hide was a student here at CNM it is very likely that he habituated the open computer lab as most students do and he also may have been tortured by these people who work here and just reached his satiation point and went off. If a person is inundated with enough adversity day after day it is likely that they may retaliate from the stress and criminal behavior that they are trying to ameliorate. To recapitulate: People can make things happen even though they are not the ones to pull the trigger but they are guilty of cruel and unusual punishment which may have been the catalyst for the two homicides. Iím not saying that this is the case, but it sure does appear to be so. This would make Randy Crandall and his confederates guilty of conspiring to elicit murder.

Iíve researched Governor Bill Richardsonís criminal behavior everything from extortion to ties to drug dealers and I built a webpage remonstrating this and it was destroyed along with other work that I have done that exposes corruption in government.

Complaint to Dean Berkowitz at CNM

I habituate the lab almost diurnally where Randy Crandall is the person in charge Ėthe Jeannette Stromberg building, the open computer lab. My complaint is: The computer in which I use is being tampered with as to the point to where my web-pages are being destroyed. Moreover, my property is damaged such as my glasses were broke. I park my bike outside and someone stabs holes in my tires, kicks in my basket, kicking in my wheels and breaking my frame. A young man with a funny hat who works in the office walks past smiling to elicit an effusion while my web-pages are being tampered with and blocked from opening, my searches are being blocked along with other erratic behavior which prevents me from doing my work. Staff members walk past and tell people that their headphones are too loud when I canít even hear them and Iím sitting next to them. Iíve complained to Randy on myriad occasions only to find that the man is incompetent is the only conclusion I can come up with or he just donít care. There is so much more but I rather tell you in person because my letters are being read as I write them. There are so many complaints and some of them are criminal. I also intend to write the Attorney General's Office about the criminal complaints. Thank You

Mr. King, thank you for your time. I know that you have your hands full in this state. If there is anything you see that you can use in the web-pages I built you better save it because you know our government Ėorganized crime at work. These pages are not encrypted so you can copy anything.

On 10/19/09 my bike was again tampered with a CNM and spokes were broken. During the days that the bike is being damaged I noticed one thing that holds true is that a CNM van or truck is always parked in front of the bike rack so that the bikes canít be viewed from the parking lot. And as a rule when there is no truck there is no damage. I donít know if there is a connection or not this is just what I empirically extrapolated.

On several occasions I noticed that there was a bike parked next to mine without a lock attached to it. And on that same day an arrogant camera man left the front of the Jeanette Stromberg building with a camera. What Iím getting at is that I was told that the Albuquerque Police often try to setup people by creating a situation or crime. I believe that this is the reason for the damage to my bike, my not being able to get a job because every time I do Iím harassed, and the unlocked bikes that are parked next to mine to put me in a situation that I become desperate enough to commit a crime so Iíd be relegated to jail and tortured.