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By Joseph Martin

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The Albuquerque Police along with state and federal agencies are committing terrible human rights crimes and even murder. From my own experiences people are being harassed, threatened at gunpoint, and even shot at, their property is destroyed and sometimes stolen by local authorities such as my motor home was. The victims are inundated with adversity diurnally to enforce some contorted legislation created by the right wing fanatics in Washington DC and implemented by the Christian community. Victims of this insanity are not allowed to work anywhere because of the threats and assaults and are forced to live as a homeless person in penury. The local authorities along with Christian organizations taunt their victims into committing terrible acts of violence and/or crimes to abate their suffering then they are gunned down or are arrested and relegated to jail for more severe torture and punishment for their noncompliance. The Lockheed Martin Murders are purported by our government and the news media to be hate crimes; however, Democracy Now reported that this was not a hate crime, but a crime committed by our government using black minorities to taunt this man into incongruity for child support and/or demented Christian values. This is just a small portion of what I have experienced. There is so much more and it is so incredibly twisted you would never believe that the Albuquerque Police along with Mayor Martin Chavez could be so demented to do such a thing to another human being.

Sanmarco shot six postal employees to death and committed suicide in what was believed to be the nation's deadliest workplace shooting by a woman. It was also the nation's bloodiest shooting at a postal installation in nearly 20 years. This shooting has a lot of the same characteristics as all the others and very well may be another murder manufactured by the government and local authorities. Please read the Mercury News article and decide for yourself.

Here are just a few other examples of the State of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Police Department's good law enforcement practices: Sexually assaulting a young girl about the age of ten years old in Moriarty announced by channel 7 news; Shooting to death a fifteen-year-old boy with a toy gun after he just left church; Murdering a man by shooting him to death with his only weapon being a hairbrush under his coat; Shooting to death a U.N.M. professor in his own home because the police had the wrong address. They were supposed to be at the house next door. (This was reported by Tim Mc Grath) Even a young woman tearfully uttered to me while I was out posting police corruption posters that her friend was gang raped by the Albuquerque Police, and let's not forget their involvement in the drug trade. New Mexico police even committed bank robberies and a sheriff's deputy executed a man after he was handcuffed in a kneeling position as he gunned him down execution style. He shot him in the chest. A boy of high school age was involved in a fist fight, and to break up the fight one of the two police officers at the scene shot the boy in the back twice and killed him. But what is so disturbing is that the officer that shot the boy was allowed to return to the street as if he did nothing wrong. How is that for a demented law enforcement agency with no compunction for what they have done? How much more cowardly can a grown man be then to shoot a high school kid in the back? There are so many crimes in this small city being committed by police that they are difficult to keep track of them all. Police Officer Christopher Chase repeatedly raped young women over a period of years. Also, he beat and assaulted people while Bill Richardson and Mayor Martin Chavez did little or nothing about it.

But I believe that the worse crime committed by police happened in Albuquerque. A homosexual transvestite police officer from Colorado came to Albuquerque and picked up an eighteen-year-old boy and brought him back to his motel room and shot him dead. The transvestite police officer stated that the boy tried to rob him and that this justified his actions for the shooting death of the boy. But what I can't understand is: "Why was this sexual deviate out picking up children and taking them back to his motel room in the first place? And why did the Albuquerque Police Department let this pervert go without a lengthily investigation? It sure does seem like a cover up to me, and too many others. This drag queen police officer should not be out picking up children in the first place. It just doesn't seem right. The Albuquerque Police Department should not have let this pervert go even if he is a law enforcement officer."

We need to bring these crimes committed by police to an end in the state of New Mexico. The horrific crimes committed by the Albuquerque Police and Mayor Martin Chavez are so prominent that even a security guard at the University of New Mexico that works at Zimmerman Library uttered to me that the Albuquerque Police are getting away with terrible crimes of murder and he does not want to be affiliated with them in any way. He also went on to say that his boss told him that he had terminated the employment of a coworker because he was afraid that the Albuquerque police under Mayor Martin Chavez instructions were going to taunt him into incongruent behavior and he didn't want to be involved in a murder conspiracy. The conduct of our state and local authorities are incredibly shameful, immoral, and they should be brought to justice. No one should be above the law!

Mayor Martin Chavez & Hit and Run

Police Crimes

St. Martin's

E-mail the Governor

Governor Bill Richardsonís
Involvement in Crime & Corruption

It was reported by the news media on 9-20-03 that Bill Richardson had a pornographer in his employment. When this was discovered Bill Richardson, like the homosexual pedophile priests of the Catholic Church, tried to cover it up by placing the pervert somewhere else in his employment. To give you an illustration as to just how incompetent Bill Richardson really is listen to this: He signed into effect two DWI laws which were both contrary to one another almost simultaneously. People were becoming confused (almost as much as Bill Richardson) as to just what Bill Richardson stood for or was trying to do. Almost diurnally Bill Richardson pompously parades around like a drunken idiot trying to solve the world's problems and look at the crime and corruption going on in our own state.

Grand Jury Investigates Richardson Contributor A federal grand jury is investigating whether a financial firm improperly won more than $1.4 million in work for the state of New Mexico shortly after making contributions to political action committees of Gov. Bill Richardson.

The scandals go far beyond Bill Richardson. "Long before Bill Richardson was governor New Mexico was known to be one of the most corrupt states in the country" says a current Federal Bureau of Investigations official who has overseen criminal investigations related to drug-trafficking and organized crime in the state. "If there is anything to this investigation it appears that itís just politics as usual for New Mexico."

Bill Richardson also has traveled on our roadways at speeds over 100 miles an hour putting people in his proximity at risk. But if that isn't enough he didn't stop for the police officer that was chasing him, and he kept up this excessive speed. He did this because he said that he was late for an appointment. It's clear that Bill Richardson has become arrogant and has very poor judgment and he does not have any respect for the law and the safety of our citizens here in New Mexico.

Then there are the police crimes: There is no way a competent person could be so oblivious to this type of behavior existing in the state of New Mexico! This should clearly warrant an investigation of the competency of our governor, Bill Richardson, and the incongruity of our police departments for human rights crimes, murders, and sexual assaults of women and children in the state of New Mexico. It's clear that our governor and the Mayor regard the citizens that they are supposed to represent as nominal, easily exploitable, and they have no regards for civil and human rights.

I'd also like to go on to say that because of this website Bill Richardson has sent a few strong-arm men (one had a gun and was quick to let me know this), so to speak, to inform me that Bill Richardson plans to run for President of the United States and that he wants me to take him out of this website or otherwise my property will be damaged and my life may be at risk. Well, they kept their word because so far they have damaged my property. How far will this insidious fat man go? If he doesn't want people to talk about him he shouldn't be breaking the law and intimidating people with strong-arm tactics so he won't attract attention to himself. Do you think?

On the evening of 3/4/06 at 12:03 a.m. seven gun shots rang out outside my tent after sending Bill Richardson an e-mail the day before pointing out that I interpolated an addendum pertaining to his use of scare tactics to intimidate people to remain silent about his involvement in criminal activities. Do you think that there is a connection here? I think so. And to think that this man is so arrogant and dumb as to believe that he is presidential material. He is probably just as bad as Bush. If you are a concerned citizen and you would like to take part in preventing crime within our government you can send an e-mail to the US Justice Department by clicking here. You can never tell it may make a difference if enough people wrote in showing their concern for justice within our government.

Bill Richardson's Connection to Drug Dealers

The Clinton Chronicles

CNN) ó New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on Wednesday sharply disputed Bill Clinton's reported claim that Richardson promised not to endorse Barack Obama's bid for the White House. "I never did," Richardson told CNN. "I never saw [President Clinton] five times. I saw him when he watched the Super Bowl with me. We made it very clear to him that he shouldn't expect an endorsement after that meeting."

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E-mail the Albuquerque Police Department

E-mail the Mayor

Say hypothetically that an individual or individuals knew that a person in his employment may be committing crimes of sexual assault (maybe even on children) and purposely ignores all the complaints made against the individual, such as a police officer, wouldn't that make the individual an accessory to the fact? The first police chief when Mayor Martin Chavez took office knew, he had to, (and by-the-way Mayor Martin Chavez has had three police chiefs) and still allowed these young women to be raped. Why? How could anyone with good conscience do this? What if it was his child would he have done something then? I believe that knowing young women are being raped and others beaten and ignoring these assaults as a police chief is a crime in itself, because none of these crimes could have been committed if this idiot was doing his job. This is above and beyond incompetence. This is a deliberate breach of trust and our chief has crossed over the line and knowingly become a confederate to the perpetrator.

"Police in New Mexico have a long and on-going track record of murder, bank robbery, kidnapping, extortion, sex crimes, burglary, drug dealing, aggravated battery, auto theft, fraud, brutality, entrapment, the planting and/or destruction of evidence, intimidation of witnesses, and Ė above all Ė the cover-up of crimes committed by police officers. According to the battered wife of Deputy Scott Finley, a member of the Bernalillo County Sheriffís Departmentís elite Crime Suppression Unit, when she threatened to call 911 to report a vicious beating, her husbandís response was: ďGo ahead and call. How can you break the law when you are the law?" Also, APD Sgt. Mike Garcia, supervisor of officers assigned to public schools, was indicted on sex charges involving a 12-yr-old girl who was staying the night with one of his daughters. (When he was tried in 2004, the jury was deadlocked, and the prosecutors did not seek a retrial.) Also, itís obvious that according to an ABC news report someone is lying to cover-up incongruent behavior committed by law enforcement. Itís a sad day when people canít trust their law enforcement agencies to tell the truth.

On 1-16-03 a local television news station announced that our mayor, Martin Chavez, is a slumlord. Two buildings that belong to the Mayor were red-tagged and must either be repaired our torn down. Mayor Martin Chavez said that they would be demolished because the buildings were so nasty that they weren't worth fixing or fit to live in. But there's more! The news media went on to say that the woman that lived in one of his buildings is of questionable character -she may be selling illegal drugs; however it turned out that the woman in question was a crack cocaine dealer and has been for some time. She has a criminal history of doing so. It looks like the Mayor was being paid with drug money from the sale of crack cocaine while a drug dealer sold illegal drugs from one of his homes. What does that say about our mayor? He must have chosen his tenants carefully I bet. After all he is the revered and omniscient mayor of Albuquerque. Remember, he appointed Chief Gallegos. But do you think that our mayor would be involved in some sort of illegal activity? It makes you think doesn't it? But whatever you do don't talk to an officer about the evidence room, because the officer may lose his job. The Mayor wouldn't like it.

I hate to say it as much as I do not like Heather Wilson, but Heather Wilson was right when it came to Patricia Madrid looking the other way when it came to organize crime in New Mexico. I believe that there were many whistle blowers who confronted Patricia Madrid about it and the reason that I know that Patricia Madrid is lying is because I sent her a number of e-mails myself about this problem and still nothing is being done about it, but I still believe that Patricia Madrid is the lesser of the two evils. Heather Wilson did take a large amount of money from oil companies and she also looked the other way when it came to the 9/11 murder cover-ups by our government. They are both liars. Most people know that Mayor Martin Chavez and Governor Bill Richardson are crooks. Itís a sad day in America when a person has the only option of voting for the lesser of the two evils. Here is just a small illustration of the connection between Mayor Martin Chavez and Patricia Madrid along with the Story from the Albuquerque Journal Archives, February 28, 2003 that the city ethics board reprimanded Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez on Thursday after finding him guilty of violating the City Charter by accepting money to pay for family travel and other expenses. The Board of Ethics and Campaign Practices ruled that he violated a ban on accepting valuable gifts from those with an interest in city affairs and also that he failed to report certain campaign contributions and abide by contribution limits. The board voted "not guilty" on allegations that the mayor misused city property in connection with ABQPAC.

Mayor Martin Chavez, I hate to say, enjoys hard core pornography. Mr. Anthony Aragon gave me his card and stated that he has access to hard core pornography that Mayor Martin Chavez downloaded from the internet and could supply this for my website along with other information on the Mayorís criminal activity Iím sure that the FBI may be very interested in. I do not know what Mr. Aragon meant by hard core pornography (child pornography or what but I donít want that trash in my website. The Mayorís illegal activity is as dirty as Iím willing to go.) This could explain the rumors of Mayor Martin Chavez getting a young girl pregnant at the office and the physical abuse that he put his first wife under. His wife finally left him and it is reported that he married the girl that he knocked-up at the office. Mr. Anthony Aragon appears to be a very genial and punctilious man. Clearly a professional person so there is no reason for me to doubt his integrity or credibility. Viewing Mayor Martin Chavezís behavior this would explain why as to why Mayor Martin Chavez and the Albuquerque Police Department use people like Margot Lynn Kyrlach, Whores for Jesus,(prostitutes sponsored by the State of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Police Department) to get fathers to acquiesce to paying child support via sexual favors. The Mayor is clearly a sexual pervert to think of such a thing. I thought prostitution was illegal. I guess itís not for Governor Bill Richardson, Mayor Martin Chavez, and the Albuquerque Police Department. This is clearly a shameful act and abuse of their authority in which the people of New Mexico entrusted to them. TVI has now changed their name to CNM.

I feel that the one thing our mayor will be most remembered for, now that we are on the subject of illegal activity, is the misuse of campaign funds. Yes, I'm afraid so. Mayor Martin Chavez has sticky fingers. He got caught with his hands in the money jar so to speak. He enjoys the good life and likes to travel around the world. But you know what? At least he was good enough to steal money from the people that were dumb enough to support him, and no one else. When I think of it I can't stop laughing. How arrogant and dumb can a man be!

To some things up: For approximately two years the Justice Department has been looking for 7.5 million dollars that was reportedly lost by the Albuquerque Police Department. Our mayor says that it was a bookkeeping error, but I believe that someone would have to be quite an idiot to believe that, and I believe that the Justice Department isn't buying it either; however, when I contemplate in retrospect and take an objective view as a whole I think of this: Chief Gallegos was handpicked by Mayor Martin Chavez as police chief. The Mayor misused his campaign funds to pay for an expensive trip to China for him and his wife, but when he was caught he said that he had planned on putting the money back. The Mayor was reported being a slumlord and even had a drug dealer selling crack cocaine on his property. The Mayor was paid with drug money from the sale of crack cocaine for his services. Again the Mayor says that he had no idea what was going on. Mayor Martin Chavez's office was accused of forging a document which is a fourth degree felony; however, the Mayor denies the accusations. Then there is the question of the evidence room and the threats made by the police department's superiors to its subordinates that led to the resignation of the police chief and the question of the Chief's competency and/or credibility. Now the Justice Department wants to know where 7.5 million dollars has disappeared too. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that maybe the Mayor has a real good idea just where that money is. After all he is up to his ass in everything else isn't he? How come the Mayor is always involved in some sort of criminal activity?

I'd like to go on to say that there are a lot of good officers that work for the Albuquerque Police Department that believe in justice, human rights, and the Constitution and they do their job well. For the honest officers that try to protect our community I believe that they do not deserve this type of leadership. They shouldn't be threatened and intimidated by their superiors not to talk about the evidence room. What is going on there?

Our so-called leaders should be investigated and brought to justice soon before anyone else is murdered or raped by police and more incongruity is covered up. How could men like our Governor, the Mayor, and the Police Chief be so shameful and without good conscience?

Real Cover-up and Corruption by Law Enforcement

Victims of U.S. Drug Policy

Who Killed Kait Arquette?

Albuquerque Police Broke Law with Seized Funds

Cops Who Rape Children

Ethics Hall of Shame Charter Members: Chavez, Sanchez, Mayer, Loy

Albuquerque Journal

I was told by a man who claimed to be Timothy J. Chavez's uncle that Timothy was found to be innocent of raping a 14-year-old girl in 2005; however, the truth of the matter is that a mistrial was declared Tuesday, 14 August 2007 when a jury was unable to agree on whether former Albuquerque Police Department officer Timothy Chavez is guilty of raping a the 14-year-old girl. Moreover, prosecutors said it would be up to Attorney General Gary King whether to try the case again. I believe that Attorney General Gary King should ask for a retrial because it's morally correct to see that justice is done not to mention that this is a very heinous and disturbing crime and a prospective child molester may go free. This was a cheap trick to get me to remove this article from my website. Mr. King may also want to consider indicting the uncle too.

Contact Gary Kings Office

I've added the Lie Behind the Lie Detector because an interrogation that involves a lie detector can easily lead to waste, fraud, and abuse. They do not work. It's nothing but crap, and a result of poor police work and questionable leadership. There are other ways to gather information.

Lie Behind the Lie Detector

Bloody Repercussions
Police in Albuquerque are now starting to feel the repercussions of their good police work. Just to give you a depiction as to how and why this crime could have happen is a direct result that the State of New Mexico has become a police state. I can't say that this was the catalyst that led to this particular crime, but through my own experiences with the Albuquerque Police Department I can say this: I was harassed, assaulted, relegated to jail for fictitious crimes, and I even had my motor home and tools stolen by the Albuquerque Police Department so I could not earn a living and I was put out on the street homeless. Attorney Jacquelyn Robbins tried to get my property back but the Chief of Police didn't even have the courtesy to return her phone calls. The Albuquerque police grossly abuse their authority and have murdered innocent people, rape children, and even robbed people for their own avaricious gain. When I had learned about the deaths of the two Albuquerque police officers on August 19th 2005 I stopped a number of people on the street and asked them what they thought about this terrible crime and I wasn't surprised at the response that I got. Many people in Albuquerque have no love or respect for the police here. As a matter-of-fact some people were actually glad. They appeared to have feelings of some sort of vindication for the abuse and harassment that they had to ameliorate in their encounters with them. Even after all the Albuquerque Police Department had done to me I feel that two wrongs don't make a right. I believe that Mayor Martin Chavez should be brought up on charges of racketeering and murder and I believe that this would bring an end to the murders in this city. No one should be above the law! Not even Mayor Martin Chavez.

The next article has many similarities to the Lockheed Martin murders that was a direct result of the implementation of the child support harassment law implemented by our government and local law enforcement agencies that taunted so many people into committing so many terrible crimes as a direct result of having to try to ameliorate the demented adversity and abuse over a period of years within our country. I believe that Mayor Martin Chavez and the Albuquerque Police tortured this man before he had committed these crimes. Even the Mayor's first wife thought that what the Mayor was doing to people was shameful and criminal just as the security guard does at Zimmerman Library and many others. Why are the Mayor and the police department getting away with murder? How could they be allowed to torture so many people in such a heinous way while Governor Bill Richardson and the State of New Mexico look the other way?

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